Load and unload IPAF Course

The coursework is aimed at drivers and operators who are left in charge of loading and unloading MEWP to and off delivery vehicles.  In order to participate in this course, the trainee must have a valid IPAF PAL card and a DVLA C or C1 licence and must be aged 18 or over.  
The IPAF Load & Unload Course aim at providing safety training for personnel in charge of delivering MEWPs from one location to another on public road vehicles i.e beavertail and slide bed trucks. All loading and unloading must be carried out by trained staff and supervised when necessary by equally trained supervisors.  Being a potential hazard, all staff attending the loading needs to be aware of the potential danger and learn to avoid all unnecessary risks.  This training applies to all trucks and delivery vehicles.

Course Objectives

Trainees will learn how to operate MEWP machines in the safest way possible and address all hazards issues that arise from transportation and loading the units onto a vehicle.  Be aware of safety legislation on the subject and its application in the workplace.  Develop responsible and safe methods to be applied in every situation when they are left in charge of the process.  Be able to carry out inspections and transport-related risk assessments. Be able to correctly position the vehicle for the task in hand Be able to safely and securely load and unload.


Upon successful completion of the course, the trainee will receive the IPAF Loading and Unloading qualification and an IPAF Certificate of Training for this. These will both be accessible via the IPAF ePAL app, available on Android and iOS smartphones, which also includes a logbook and safety information.